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Dear Sir/Madam,

Society for Prevention, Healthcare, Education and Research (SPHERE) is a charitable non profit making organisation which works in the field of creating awareness in women health, mental health and MBM (Mind Body Medicine), Cancer prevention, awareness and prevention of non-communicable disease. Keeping in mind its motto, SPHERE conducts doing patient workshops and camps on diabetes thyroid, wellness of women, obesity preventionof non-communicable disease. Keeping in mind its motto, SPHERE conducts doing patient workshops and camps on diabetes, thyroid wellness of women, obesity prevention, growth, pubertal, bone health camps.

We also conduct mind and body health awareness programs in diabetes, woman health, thyroid, cancer patients and those with other endocrine disorder with an objective to improve societal awareness and prompt treatment of the problems. SPHERE aims at spreading awareness on NCD’s (Non communicable Diseases) in various age groups from childhood to adulthood including infants, children’s, adolescents, pregnant women’s, post-partummothers, menopausal women and geriatric population. SPHERE also collaborates with organizations and associations working in same principles and philosophy.

SPHERE has successfully conducted SYNAPSE 2020, the first international conference on Mind and Body medicine in Endocrinology Pune on 1st and 2nd February 2020 last year in collaboration with Endocrine society of India and Cognitive Behaviour Medicine Trust (CBM) and Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS) task force for mind and body medicine. It was successfully attended by over 1000 doctors from all over the world and live workshop attended by nearly 250 delegates.The major focus was to introduce the concept of mind health and health psychology in diabetes to doctors treating diabetes and (or) mind.

SYNAPSE 2021 was a step ahead and conducted last year in virtual mode and attended by 400 doctors globally. It revolved around evidence based literature on MBM and understanding BEHAVIOURAL AND NON PHARMACOLOGICAL INTERVENTION IN DIABETES

This year our major focus is to introduce the concept of mind health and Psycho-neuro-immune-endocrinology for IMPROVING QUALITY OF CARE AND OURTCOMES IN ENDOCRINOLOGY by doctors treating diabetes and endocrine disorders.

We are pleased to inform you about our upcoming event SYNAPSE 2022 which is the third International conference in Mind and Body Medicine in Endocrinology and Diabetes. It will be held in Pune on 23rd and 24th April 2022 at Hotel Pride international, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. SPHERE is organising this conference in collaboration with Cognitive Behaviour Medicine Trust (CBM) and Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS) Task Force for Mind and Body medicine, Endocrine Society of India (ESI), West zone IPS, National Association of Physician India(API). It is an unique forum where various national and international bodies working in the field of endocrinology, diabetes, psychiatry and public health are collaborating with SPHERE on global platform for the cause of mind body health promotion in endocrine and non-communicable disease helping us to go beyond boundaries of pathies, specialities and regions to explore the realm of mind in medicine.

The faculty will be national and international experts in field of diabetes, endocrinology, cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, psychiatry, psychology, exercise and yoga and health advisors from all over the world. The conference is expected to be attended by 600-700 delegates from fields of medicine like diabetologist, endocrinologist, physicians, neurologist, cardiologist and paramedical branches.

We request support of your esteemed organisation and help us bringing about a true integration of various specialities in improving mind health.

We assure you to give maximum visibility to your organization to assure best.

Warm regards

Dr Vaishali Deshmukh
MD, DNB (medicine-gold medalist) DM (Endocrinology)
Secretary [ Society For Prevention, Healthcare, Education & Research (SPHERE) ]
Consultant & Head of Endocrinology Department
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre
Director, Deshmukh Clinic & Research Centre, Pune, India


Practical residential workshop on MIND BODY MEDICINE (MBM) in spectrum of obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and endocrinologic disorders.

In past few decades, although, we have witnessed an upsurge of innovative techniques and new discoveries in diabetes and endocrinology, outcomes have still failed to improve and the occurrence of the disease is on a rise. In spite of newer guidelines, there exists an unmet need to fill in the huge existent gap between translation of these guidelines for prevention and treatment of diabetes and its potential complications into clinical practice. Though we have enough evidence to form guidelines, translational evidence for conversion of these into practice is far from real. Also, the prevalence of non-adherence and non-compliance to therapy and lifestyle interventions needs due attention given the inability of HCPs to assess and modify the behaviour of the diabetic patients secondary to lack of implementation of mind health strategies.


In the post-COVID world, there is wide recognition of the urgent need to improve the control, reduce complications, and enhance Quality of Life of millions suffering from Diabetes. These persons have been proven to be the most vulnerable, contribute maximally to the health burden and there is call from global health leaders to work towards reducing their vulnerability and enhancing their resilience by improving mind health strategies.


Pre-diabetes and diabetes can be considered as the mother of all NCDS: Scientific advancement informs that diabetes is not just a complex polyendocrine disorder but main determinant of cardiac morbidity & mortality and nephropathy which are driven by the autonomic dysfunction (researched by the emerging field of neurocardiology). Diabetes also overlaps with several other NCDs involving the gastroenteric system, immune system, neoplasia and neuropsychiatric syndromes involving cognition, sleep, mood disturbance like depression, and sexual dysfunction, etc. Diabetes is also associated with variety of biomechanical issues of both musculoskeletal and neurological origin. This calls for a multi-pronged approach to cover the extensive comorbidity
and influence the outcome and QoL, and includes fortification of pharmacotherapy with evidence proven non-pharmacological Mind – Body interventions to comprehensively address the PNIE etiopathogenic mechanisms. 

Additionally, the pre-diabetic conditions including obesity, PCOS, gestational diabetes and as per the latest research autonomic
dysfunction provide the window of opportunity for arresting the progression, through judicious application of MBM.